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Aurora’s Red Horizon

BIRTH OF A THERAPY DOG Introducing! Aurora Red Horizon’s is the latest addition to the therapy dog program at Horizon Health Services.  She was born through Golden Beauties of New York, Heart of Horizon in Alden, NY.  Aurora’s grandmother, Horizon, is a veteran therapy dog at Horizon.  Aurora is five weeks old in the picture […]

National Giving Day – December 1

#GivingTuesday After Black Friday and Cyber Monday Really? The Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation has seen tremendous support throughout our years of golf tournaments.  We know our pay day is the tournament day, like that of Cyber Monday and Black Friday for retailers, but when we look at the support of dollars and gifts that pour […]

What I Am Thankful For – Deb Armitage-Maloney

Deb Armitage-Maloney Shares What She’s Thankful For This time of the year usually signifies togetherness, camaraderie, friendship, celebration and reflection. For many of us it also brings to our attention to isolation, regret, hopelessness, and longing for a better time. This year there will be less of the good and more of the unpleasant due […]

What I Am Thankful For – Mark Kuligowski

Mark Kuligowski Shares What He’s Thankful For The reason we battle so hard, pour so much passion into all that we do, is to achieve—not just for ourselves, but more importantly for others.  Whether it’s for our family members, like our children or grandchildren, or a co-worker struggling that needs a faithful ear, or for […]

What I Am Thankful For – Bruce Armitage

Bruce Armitage Shares What He’s Thankful For My family, for their love and support, even from a distance. My friends, who are there for me through the good times and the bad. My students, who inspire me to be a better teacher and mentor each day. All the health practitioners, social workers, scientists and activists […]

What I Am Thankful For – Leibert Danielson

Leibert Danielson Shares What He’s Thankful For I am thankful for, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My wonderful wife, the love of my life and my whole world for 38 years, plus 5. Our three (3) children, and all of the memories in raising them and seeing them grow up to be terrific young […]