What I Am Thankful For – Mark Kuligowski

Mark Kuligowski Thankful For

Mark Kuligowski Shares What He’s Thankful For

The reason we battle so hard, pour so much passion into all that we do, is to achieve—not just for ourselves, but more importantly for others.  Whether it’s for our family members, like our children or grandchildren, or a co-worker struggling that needs a faithful ear, or for a stranger we’ve never met that’s coping silently, or a family or individual in crisis.

I am thankful for the opportunities in my life that have allowed me to achieve for others.  I am blessed to have friends that surround me that feel we are part of a whole—a whole that has a common direction and goodness that can help make our world (our community) better, individual by individual.

I am thankful for the labor that is love, and to have it in all facets of my life.   I am thankful to God that there are those throughout our world who feel the same way.  Those that support the Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation whether in volunteering, making connections, or through donations are great examples of this “love.”

This year, under all the difficult circumstance, I am reminded of all of this when I come home and see my children and my beautiful wife.  I am reminded of those that do not have, do not share, or grapple constantly with what they want instead of what they truly need, which is love from and for.

What we need…what we all need…is to be thankful.  This year, just ultimately thankful for all that we can achieve, all that we can do, and all that we have.

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