Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation and Give716 Inaugural Fundraising Event

Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation and Give716 Inaugural Fundraising Event

Give716 Day of Giving Allows Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation New Exposure

This community fundraising event, put together by the joint efforts of the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, is an extraordinary fundraising awareness opportunity for our organization.  When this was brought to our attention, not only were we honored to be in such a community of non-for-profit local charities, but we were so excited to have the channel exposure of our two most coveted local sports teams.  We know we’re a little fish in this super large charitable lake, but the chance to have a tiny spotlight and link to our hard work and our generous donators, players, sponsors and partnerships is a wonderful win!  We wear a very proud area code!  Give716 allows us to reach out across it!

To those who take advantage of this arena of charitable donation, the big bonus here for you is the amazing T-Shirt incentive! The first 2,000 donations of $71.60 or more receive a FREE Commemorative T-Shirt from Give716!  On our side, there are the possibilities of Matching Gifts and Grant Opportunities that the Bills and Sabres have lined up.

If you are new to us, the Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation funds programs across Western New York that connect with strengthening the character, self-esteem in our youth and assisting in the care of youth/families battling addiction.

Our programs fund the following:

There are a lot more programs and ideas our foundation and members are passionate about, and Give716, as well as our July Golf Tournament, are our funding avenues to continue to fulfill our commitment to the children and families of Western New York in the name of Christopher Maloney.

We thank you all, always, from the bottom of our hearts for all you can do for our foundation!  We are blessed, and we share that blessing with our community!

The Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation


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